Wordless Wednesday #13

Happy Wednesday Friends {aka: Hump Day!}

I can’t believe December is here and the Christmas countdown has started. Needless to say I am beyond stocked this is my absolute favorite time of the year. As tradition has it I put my tree up on Black Friday to get us in the Christmas spirit.

With the holiday joy in my heart I thought it would be the perfect time to dress Bella in her Christmas PJ’s, doggy long johns. Boy oh boy oh, friends have you ever dressed your dog in long johns?

Bella my cutie pie was not a happy camper. I honestly think she felt like her body was being taken over by an impostor. Although she looks super cute in her long johns we will need to buy her leg less pj’s. She does well with shirts or dresses.

Hope you enjoyed Bella’s Wordless Wednesday picture!

Have a great day friends!

Xo Gina & Bella


Happy Thanksgiving Friends! // What to NOT feed your dog on Thanksgiving:

Bella & I would like to

Send you warm wishes

from our home to your home

and from our heart to your heart

to wish you a very

Happy Thanksgiving

May this day be a

Beautiful reminder of the

Wonderful things in life!

Thanksgiving day is filled with tons of flavorful foods.As those foods cook they produce the most wonderful aromas. One whiff at those aromas probably has your dog salivating at the mouth. On this day of giving thanks why not share the glorious meal with your dog.

Before you serve your dog their serving on thanksgiving dinner be cautious not to feed them the following.

What NOT to feed your dog on Thanksgiving:

  • Turkey skin, drippings, twine, or bones
  • Corn on the cob
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Fat trimmings
  • Bread dough
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Sweet sugary desserts

On Bella’s 1st Thanksgiving she will be enjoying delicious turkey meat, green beans, and sweet potatoes! I can’t wait to share with her!

On that note friends, we want to wish you every bit of happiness & joy on this special day & always!

Xo Gina & Bella

Wordless Wednesday #12

Happy Wednesday {aka: HumpDay!}

It’s starting to cool down in Arizona and actually feel like fall. I just love the transition to cooler weather. The change in weather has brought upon a change in Bella. It’s like the drop in temperature has dropped her energy levels because the early rising, super hyper pup has become the super cuddling lazy pup. This has made me very happy because I love cuddling with my little Bella on these cooler mornings.

That being said that’s why this week’s Wordless Wednesday post feature’s Bella lounging around relaxing on a cool fall day!

Stay warm and healthy friends!

Till next time!

Xo Gina & Bella

Dogs’ Day in the Garden at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden


Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden hosted Dogs’ Day in the Garden today, November 16, 2014 from 8:00 am -2:00 pm! It was the coolest opportunity. The entire family including the dog was welcomed into the Desert Botanical Garden. From the moment we pulled into the parking lot we saw so many families and dog parents walking proudly with their dogs into the Desert Botanical Garden. They were so excited -like me- to share this experience with their furry kids too.

Bella @ Dogs' Day in the Garden, Phoenix Botanical Garden
Bella @ Dogs’ Day in the Garden, Phoenix Botanical Garden

The excitement was well worth it! The Phoenix Botanical Garden did a great job hosting this event. There were endless vendors, samples, and activities for your dog! The vendors were promoting numerous local dog services, like pet adoption with Arizona Humane Society Waggin’ Wheels Mobile Adoption Vehicle, pet fostering, dog boarding by Pet Paradise Happy Valley, dog grooming, natural dog food by Noble Beast, products for skin, paws and ears from Natural Paws, cupcakes for doggies and humans from Sprinkles, and many other cool services. It was really neat throughout the day we saw many volunteers walking around with dogs who were up for adoption. The dogs wore the most adorable collars and harness saying “Adopt Me” so visitors new they were up for grabs searching for their forever homes. I personally would love to volunteer to walk dogs that are looking for forever homes. There is no better feeling than doing something kind for animal in need.

Bella's bandana along with the cool information & free samples given!
Bella’s bandana along with the cool information & free samples given!

The vendors were only a small portion of the fun. The Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden also had numerous dog activities, like DOGA (yoga with your dog) in the Binns Wildflower Pavilion, agility course, Bark Park, and DJ Kyle in Boppart Courtyard, decorating a bandana for your dog in the Dorrance Hall and educational presentations PetTech Desert Dog Safety, Healthy Treat for Your Pet, and The Origins of Human- Dog Bonding. My favorite activity was decorating a bandana for your dog. I love arts and crafts. They had bling and colorful markers so you could get as fancy and creative as you wanted with your bandana. This was Bella’s 1st bandana, she looked so cute! Bella loved the Bark Park the best she loves play time! As a dog mom this play time was awesome because all the dogs were well socialized and friendly so Bella wasn’t in any harms ways.

Bella sporting her new bandana decorated by me :)
Bella sporting her new bandana decorated by me 🙂

Have any you been to your local botanical garden?

This was my first time as well.

Arizona cactus plant
Arizona cactus plant

Visiting a botanical garden is a great way to see all the natural plants that grow naturally in your environment. Walking throughout the Desert Botanical Garden was a learning experience for me. I was introduced to so many new plants. I found it very educational, and next time I plan to redo my garden I will be going back to the Desert Botanical Garden to research which plants grow best in my area or for cool gardening ideas. Each trail we went through had different colors, smells, and designs.

Bella and her pup daddy in STEELE HERB GARDEN
Bella and her pup daddy in STEELE HERB GARDEN

There is a total of 11 different trails each featuring different wild life. The trails are: Ottosen Entry Garden, Desert Terrace Garden, Lewis Desert Portal, Desert Discovery Loop Trail, Plants & People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail, Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail, Center for Desert Living Trail, Steele Herb Garden, Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail, Sybil B. Harrington Cactus & Succulent Galleries, and Berlin Agave Yucca Forest.

Bella walking the trails at the Desert Botanical Garden
Bella walking the trails at the Desert Botanical Garden

It was interesting to see how the dogs reacted to the different plants. I could tell Bella was very intrigued by the different aromas. She loved to get her snout as close as she could to all the different plants. Her favorite by far was the jojoba plant. She spent the most time exploring it. Her least favorite were the different cacti. She would get her snout so close to them the thorns would prick her. It wasn’t harmful to her because as soon as she felt the prick she jumped back before the thorns could get stuck in her nose or coat. It was pretty comical. We didn’t encounter any jumping cactus.

Bella posing with her bandan by some of the potted plants at the Desert Botanical Garden
Bella posing with her bandan by some of the potted plants at the Desert Botanical Garden

Lastly, you’re probably wondering how the dogs reacted to one another on the trails. It was videotaping worthy experience because there was such an assortment of dog breeds and they were all so polite and sweet to one another. Each time Bella would pass or come up to a dog, she would start wagging her tail, exchange a lick or two and continue walking. She felt the urge to greet every dog she passed or came up to. It was the coolest dog bonding experience.

Bella is always making friends!
Bella is always making friends!
Bella making friends with dogs her own size :)
Bella making friends with dogs her own size 🙂

I’m so happy the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden hosted Dogs’ Day in the Garden because Bella and I had so much fun. I would say Bella is living up to our motto a Pawsitively Good Life! I would definitely do it again! Thank you Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden! 

I'm so happy I could experience this with my Bella! xo
I’m so happy I could experience this with my Bella! xo

Friends, I encourage you to check to see if your local botanical garden host dog day because you would love it! The educational and social aspect makes it well worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on our adventure! I love to hear from you 🙂

For more info on the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden check out their website: 


Till next time friends!

Xo Gina & Bella

Dog-Friendly Restaurant: Dos Gringos in Chandler, AZ

This Sunday-Funday was a blast for Bella and me. The day was catered to Bella, I love doing dog activities with her. We started or day with her weekly Dog Intermediate class at PetSmart. She learned to how to go to her bed, how to wait, and turns while heeling. She did great as usual. I’m a firm believer in dog education especially starting the dog training at a young age because they pick up on tricks so much easier.

Bella & her BFF Coco
Bella & her BFF Coco

After doggy class we met up with our friend Coco. Coco is our neighbor a Yorkie Poodle mix, Bella just loves her. We went to the dog park they spent 2-hours running around playing with each other and the other dogs there. They were such happy girls! I love seeing Bella play with the other dogs she’s so friendly and playful. Since Bella was an itty bitty puppy I focused on socializing her and it has helped greatly. She adapts very quickly to new situations, new humans, and new dogs. I have never had a problem with dog fights with Bella at the dog park. However, I always keep a look out for aggressive dogs and if Bella’s body language begins to demonstrate signs of stress I squat down to provide her shelter. Every time she has been overwhelmed I do this she runs right over to me, the key is to squat down to her level. She will not run over to me for shelter when I’m standing.

Good times at the dog park!
Good times at the dog park!

After the dog park we were starving, so went to good old Yelp to look for nearby dog-friendly restaurant. Yelp led us to Dos Gringos, a Mexican food chain restaurant in Arizona. I was excited to see they were pet-friendly, you can never go wrong with Mexican food. Who doesn’t love chips and salsa? There catch phrase was awesome “It’s not just a taco joint, it’s a lifestyle.” I totally got that vibe there, there were tons of people watching the football games and a least 3 of them also had their dogs with them. Seeing other people with their dogs their having a good time let me know we made the right choice coming there.

Dos Gringos, Chandler, AZ
Dos Gringos, Chandler, AZ

The Dos Gringos in Chandler, Arizona has a huge pet-friendly patio. Our server said about five years ago there was even a dog-park behind the restaurant but since then it’s closed down but that was the reason why the restaurant originally acquired the pet-friendly license. They still continue to be pet-friendly, they are very accommodating to dogs, and on average get at least 2 dogs per day. The only rules Dos Gringos has for the dogs are they can’t eat off your plate and they can’t be on the table, or enter the restaurant. Entering the restaurant wouldn’t be a problem because the patio is much bigger than the restaurant and the patio is where the atmosphere is at. I of course would never let Bella eat off of my plate. Following their dog rules was a breeze for us.

Bella hanging out at Dos Gringos
Bella hanging out at Dos Gringos

The Dos Gringos patio was perfect for bringing your dog. They have huge booth tables with benches as seats. The dogs can either go underneath the booth or they can sit on the bench with you. I loved these booths because it kept Bella hidden from the public so she remained calm during the entire meal. The commotion of people excites Bella and lately it will put her on a barking frenzy. She likes to alert every one of her presence hoping for a play date. I can usually redirect her attention with food. Another awesome perk to the Dos Gringos patio is their tables are spaciously placed so you don’t feel like your dining right next to the other guest. This is also very helpful when you bring your dog with you because it gives your dog plenty of space.

When it came to actually eating at Dos Gringos I didn’t order a dog-friendly meal. Most Mexican-American food is not dog-friendly. As you probably know Mexican-American food tends to be super cheesy, spicy, filled with onions and avocados, all 4 are not dog-friendly. I always come prepared when I take Bella out to dinner with me. I bring a bag of treats mixed with kibble. When our food arrives I take out a few of Bella’s treats so she has something to munch on. This keeps her from begging for food. I recommend you try this trick to if you take your dog out with you to restaurants.

Next time you’re in the mood for Mexican food and want to take your dog with you I highly recommend Dos Gringos. It was the perfect spot for a Sunday dinner with a girlfriend and Bella. It doesn’t get any better than margaritas and nachos.

The link to Dos Gringos website is below:


Thanks for checking out our Sunday adventures! Till next time friends!

Feel free to ask questions or comments, I love hearing from you!

Xo Gina & Bella

Wordless Wednesday #11

Happy Wednesday Friends {aka: HumpDay!}

The weather has finally begun to cool down in Arizona (Yay!) On our morning walks the temperature has been in the 50’s a drastic change for us especially for Bella. Bella even likes to wear a sweater to keep her warm because otherwise she trembles from the cold. Additional to her little sweaters I thought we would try a little hat and scarf.

This week’s Wordless Wednesday post features Bella wearing her hat and scarf!

Doesn’t she look so cute? She actually kept the scarf on during our walk. The hat she didn’t really care for but as always Bella was a trooper.

Stay warm friends & enjoy your Wednesday!

Xo Gina & Bella

Dog-Friendly Wine Bar & Restaurant: MWC Bistro in Gilbert, Arizona

Last night Bella went to her first wine bar. Yes, you’re probably thinking Gina has gone down the deep end her dog has no business going to a wine bar but it just kind of happened. The boyfriend and I were taking Bella on an evening walk, enjoying the perfect fall weather. When we came up to our neighborhood wine bar and restaurant, I brought it to his attention Wednesday they host wine and dine with your dog evenings on their patio. He said its Wednesday let’s check it out! Shockingly when I brought it to his attention I had spaced out yesterday was Wednesday. I eagerly said yes, surprise date nights are the best especially date nights including Bella.

Dog-Friendly Neighborhood Wine Bar & Restaurant
Dog-Friendly Neighborhood Wine Bar & Restaurant

Our dog-friendly neighborhood wine bar and restaurant is MWC Bistro. We walked in and grabbed a patio table. The patio was so warm and inviting as if the patio was designed to have intimate conversations with your company. Each table was lite by candle light, they had beautiful thick curtains along the patio post to provide an intimate feeling, and along the patio they have a designated area for bocce ball. After sitting down our waitress quickly came to greet us and Bella. She was so pleasant, took her time to explain the menu, and even brought Bella her own personal water bowl when she brought our drinks. Bella’s special treatment didn’t end with her own personal water bowl. Throughout our evening MWC Bistro staff would come out to the patio to greet and play with Bella. They were all so excited for there to be a dog dining on their patio. Little Miss Bella was in puppy heaven she loved all of their endless attention.

As the evening went on, our original plan of having one glass of wine turned into a full dinner it was all delicious. We ordered the specialty mac-n-cheese, a tray of bruschetta, and for desert the best beignets. They were simple dishes made with a twist to give them unique fancy flavors. You could tell with each bite they used fresh ingredients in everything they made.

I typically love ordering meals I can share with Bella but this time around I didn’t order a meal to share with Bella because she had an upset tummy yesterday. Even though I didn’t share my dinner with Bella, she maintained her calm composure while we enjoyed our meal. She is growing up to be a very a good girl. I am a proud pawrent.

Our unexpected date night with Bella at MWC Bistro turned out to be one of the best evenings of the fall. Next time you and your dog are in the Gilbert, Arizona area, I highly recommend you check out MWC Bistro! You will not be disappointed with the atmosphere or food. The link to their profile is below.


Till next time friends!

Xo Gina & Bella